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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday from 9h to 23:30h.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and nights before holiday day from de 9h to 00h.

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From Germany to Mediterranean

The menu of the new Edelweiss only has a few references to its German past: a re-envisioning of the ham hock that made it famous, smoked sardines and herring and a list of German beers. The rest is Mediterranean cuisine with local fruit and vegetables. The starters include classics like gazpacho, leek tart, fried eggs on chips, salmon carpaccio and garlic shrimp. These are followed by a wide range of salads: with guacamole and cheese, spinach and salmon, goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette, etc.

Main dishes include rice (black with cuttlefish, seafood, fideuà with aioli) and pasta (cannelloni, taglioni with mushrooms, tagliatelle with pesto, etc.) On the fish menu, cod au gratin with spinach, tuna with seaweed, baby calamari, mussels a la marinera, etc. and for the carnivores, great entrecôtes, duck with plums and couscous, burgers, Iberian pork loin and crunchy chicken with St. George's mushrooms.

Edelweiss features a cocktail bar that serves classic mixed drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, smoothies, wines by the glass, artisan beer and more all day long.

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